Having a friend do the offers for me ?

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02-07-2007 06:27:45

Im in Canada and there are few offers I can do
I have joined 3 NOOC sites (know of a forth)
But canít find even one offer I can do

It just acured to me that I could have a friend from the US
Log in to my accounts do the offer to make me green
Then when I get paid for going green I pass the $ on to him
I donít think this would be fraud
But id like to get some more experienced opinions first
So what do you think ?

I know this doesnít sound like a good deal for me ($ wise)
But for me the point is to get some NOOC sites I can advertise
And this seems to be the only way I can go green at them


02-07-2007 06:28:27

This is fraud.


02-07-2007 07:25:04

Really Really BAD idea - even having your friend log on to your account from his computer could knock you out of the game. Having your offers done from a different location will put you out for good.

Will the site allow you to get a extra referral or two instead of doing an offer??



02-07-2007 13:10:40

I was thinking afterwords that if I had him do them then he joined some time down the road himself
they would see his IP used twice and call that fraud
that thought in itself had me 95% sure it was a bad idea

but other then that risk I don't see why it would be fraud
the offers would be getting done using his real info

but in the end my apinyon is not the one that matters
and if they will consider it fraud then I have to treat it as such

you have an intresting idea there though (laurelwm)


02-07-2007 16:13:13

If you sign up on the site, then you need to complete your own offer requirements!!

You can also refer your friend to the site under your ref link if they want to do some offers of their own. But you have to do your and they have to do theirs.


02-07-2007 21:56:14

You may need to stick to sites that let you refer somebody else instead of doing your own offer. Many sites allow this, but not all.


02-07-2007 23:25:57

^ what he said ;)


03-07-2007 04:31:03

well 4-5 months ago I maniged to go green at 4 sites (should have been 5)
and another 1 (should have been 3) a month ago
think I have the crediting problem fixed

anyway most sites do come out with new offers for canada
but these NOCC sites don't have any


03-07-2007 13:41:25

I sent in a suport ticket to free4every1.com
they agree it is fraud door closed

but they also said I could use a green referral to make myself green
door open

and when I think about it this is a better way to do it anyway