Mods, how often do you rate the reward sites?

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01-07-2007 13:43:05

I was just curious about how often the sites are rated. It seems like there are a couple that may have earned a high rating a long time ago, but really do not belong there anymore. There are some that are great and rated really low. I realize we all have different experiences but there are some highly rated sites that seem to be upsetting a majority of traders since I've started this.

Like I said, I was just wondering how often this information was updated. I really used the ratings as a newbie, but now I just stick to a few that have proven themselves to me.


01-07-2007 14:07:27

Good question. And I do not know the answer.


01-07-2007 15:38:22

Well you're one of them that should be at the very top in my opinion.


01-07-2007 18:32:06

i'm still not rated...


01-07-2007 18:47:58

Well first, as the Ratings page says, it's not just the moderators that rate sites.

AFAIK, they're rated whenever one of the voting members completes a site. Then again, I haven't completed a referral-based site in almost 2 years.