anybody else having trouble with grant search provider?

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29-06-2007 11:33:48

anybody join grant search provider w/in last 90 days and having trouble with unathorized charges? i had kept them past my trial, paid for another mo. but then cancelled my service and now they are still billing me $49.95/mo. when i called them to inquire about this, i was told they joined w/a new merchant acct. and those who have recently cancelled are still being charged? they say i'll get a refund but have to wait 5-7 business days for it??? well that was on back on 22nd and still waiting! i guess it'll be the full 7 days b4 i see it!!! that's just bad bussiness to make the customers who caught this the day they did it wait that long for a refund when it was not a mistake on our part!
anybody else having a problem w/this besides me?


29-06-2007 12:22:32

Wow, I didn't have that problem... yet. Just keep a close eye on it. If it exceeds 10 days and you still haven't been refunded, then I'd call again. If all else fails, you can file an affidavit with your bank and call it fraudulent charges.


29-06-2007 14:01:12

Think you should explain your situation to both your bank/credit card and company, & follow through depending on results from either.


29-06-2007 14:04:27

I did have a similar problem a while back, but they were quick to take care of it. If they are switching providers, unfortunately it is not unusual for some things to fall through the cracks. Wait the 7 days. Call them again. If not happy, call your bank.


30-06-2007 20:52:50

ya i also had the same problem and now i have been paying for it...they said when i called that they dont give conf.#'s over the phone and they dont send conf.#s e-mail and so i called back when the bill showed up and i was charged twice and now i have over the limit fee's. so what would someone do in this case?????????????

sandra habina

30-06-2007 21:41:21

I would call your bank or your credit card company and explain about the unauthorized charges. BlueThunder.

Melissa - It may take 7 business days, they do not count the weekends.

Good luck to both of you.


01-07-2007 02:04:44

wow. I didnt know there were problems with this offer. I did the offer back in jan. I have actually recieved a grant with there help.They are a good co. and do all they say they will do. If you would like some info. on getting a grant with them pm me and I will try to help. (Fred)