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29-06-2007 04:30:15

Please help, has any one else had a similar problem?

I completed the Blue Host offer on 6/18 on the techx2 site. The offer credited pretty quickly (within an hour or so I think), my credit card was billed on 6/18, I still have the account, I've logged in a couple times.

Now the credit shows "revoked" on the thechx2 site.

I've submitted a support ticket and the responses from techx2 support have been not very helpful. How do you get a credit reinstated once it is revoked? Can you call the offer company, and if so do your just talk to the customer service department?

Here is the support ticket with responses. Please

On 06/28/07, 0402 AM PDT, you wrote

"What happened here?

I did the offer correctly and I still have the service.

Please let me know how to fix this?"

On 06/28/07, 0831 AM PDT, Peter wrote

"Hello, I checked with the offer provider, and they provided this information

Offer Name Blue Host
Click Time 06/18/07 0825 PM
Credit Time 06/18/07 0949 PM
SubID tx2-135
Reward 0.00
Status Under Review

There are many reasons why an offer credit may be revoked, such as not completing the offer as per the requirements, your financial institution rejecting your payment method, not clearing your cache and cookie files before clicking on the offer, or even another person in your area completing the offer in the past.

Please complete another offer, such as the DreamHost offer or another full credit offer.

Thank you,

On 06/28/07, 1035 AM PDT, you wrote

"If it is "under review", shouldn't I wait to see if it is approved?

None of the above reasons could possibly explain the credit being revoked.
1) Offer completed was for two year plan
2) my credit card was successfully charged on 6/18
3) the offer did credit, obviously my cookies and cache are fine
4) My household uses an individual cable connection.

If you can not help me resolve the issue, I would like the contact information of a person at the comapny who can help me.

Obviously, I appreciate any help you can give me."

On 06/28/07, 1110 AM PDT, Peter wrote

"If the offer provides us with the credit again, we will reinstate it."


29-06-2007 05:29:30

Call Blue Host and see what happened. If the host company revoked the offer credit, they should know why.


29-06-2007 09:45:03

I spoke to the Blue Host site just now and this is what I found out. This seems like a really shady deal going on with Techx2 to me. Is this the way all the freebie sites work?

Here is my latest support ticket to techx2.

I just spoke to a representative at Blue Host. According to them, you, as the affiliate, need to call their affiliate department 888-401-4678 in order to fix this. They will be able to tell you the status of my account with them. They stated that my account was never denied, but that it regularly takes them time to process the accounts and payments to their affiliates.

They stated that it was your decision, as the affiliate to revoke the credit. If you are going to post that an offer will credit instantly, you should honor that. It seems to me that what you did here was put the credit on instantly, but then revoke it automatically until you then cleared it with the company. This is a misrepresentation on your site and is not a good business model.

I would appreciate your immediate response to this matter and immediate reinstatement of my credit.

Thank you,


01-07-2007 11:09:47

hmm, well i don't run hosting offers because they do get revoked when people cancel, but if it says Under Review, it don't think it has actually been revoked. don't quote me on this, because it's been a while since i ran one of these, but i think what happens is the affiliate goes and ahead and posts your credit, but it doesn't become finalized until after a certain period of time. until it becomes final, it is listed as Under Review. if it actually gets denied it'll say Denied. but i think you should still have your credit until/unless it actually gets denied.
it could vary tho based on what affiliate he is running the offer from.


11-07-2007 13:50:15

I think they wait 60 days to see if you still have the offer, if they think you'll a good lead, they credit you. I think a few of them revoke credit if you.

1. Cancel early (before the required amount of time)
2. Don't have any content on the website (basically signing up just to get credit but not showing interest in the service)

I would think that's how they work, I haven't done a hosting offer since last year so I'm not sure but they're picky, very picky since about giving credit. You really have to show interest in the service, they'll revoke you quickly if they feel otherwise.


11-07-2007 17:00:16

It was a lack of communication between the offer and us. Apparantly all hosting offers go to "Under Review" then get Credited or Denied, unforunately we assumed that Under Review meant that the offer was questioning the completion.

Peter Browne
AIM tX2Peter