What do I do when I haven't been paid?

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27-06-2007 22:47:47

Hi -

I've looked over the forum, but I haven't seen this addressed
I'm a newbie and have gone green for two traders who said they would pay upon green.

Now, one will not answer my pm's and one says he is waiting for HIS payout before he pays me.

Is there some sort of action I can take to request the traders to pay according to our agreement?



27-06-2007 23:21:20

if it was agreed that you would be paid on green, then you need to contact a mod. however, if it was agreed that you would be paid on approval, you are stuck waiting. was it set up in the trade module? i never do trades that aren't set up in the trade module with specific details of the trade. good luck! D sorry you are having problems.


28-06-2007 00:19:22

Hi -
Thanks for the response.
Yes, the trades were set up on the trade module - AND the traders offer is there - "pay on green".

I hate to cause a lot of trouble for the trader. If I contact a MOD, will the trader be in trouble?

How do I contact a moderator?


28-06-2007 01:20:56

If you contact a mod, they will help you get in touch with the traders you are working with and trying to get it worked out. If the trader doesn't come through they might get in trouble but you need to contact a mod for their assistance first.


28-06-2007 07:13:04

Also, to answer your question about contacting a Mod

I recommend KeithA for this sort of thing, but TSJ, dmorris, Tholek, and CollidgeGraduit are also good choices (so is doylnea, but I haven't had much interaction with them).

Good luck!