noob with quesion about offers help please

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27-06-2007 18:46:44

Ok I have been busy doing offer for people and notice a few offers are alike. Example pure health hoodia, hoodia trim, and hoodia star. Are these all conected? I have signed up for the pure health hoodia and are afraid to try the others out of fear of them being the same.

Any info on this would be appreciated.


27-06-2007 18:55:39

You could look at the name of the "parent" company to see if it is the same. I know several of the hoodia products are different companies, but I don't know which ones. Also, if you get there and the websites look the same or very similar, they probably are the same company.

Hope this helps.



27-06-2007 19:19:14

cool thanks for the info and for the swift reply D

sandra habina

27-06-2007 21:56:33

Yes read the trademark and company name at bottom of page. It should say the parent company. Not sure if Hoodia Star is still available now.


28-06-2007 06:15:07

Hi there,

I had always found that the web sites all look the same or very simular for any Hoodia product, but the name of each offer as well as parent company, contact phone etc...should be different. For example, Hoodia 1,000, and Hoodia Trim...different name, different offer. But verify by phone and parent Co. Always better to be safe then sorry...also please realize that even if a product is by the same Company, it may very well be a different offer. If you are uncertain, put in a support ticket, as the site will know for sure.

Margot wink