After 5 days of filling out offers, we are $10 in the hole.

Live forum:


25-06-2007 19:26:28

Between scholastic, abs in 6 weeks, at home rewards, valuemax, and others, we are actually in the hole after doing 4 offer sites for 4 different traders. We started off great for our first page, then these $1.00 offers turn into $11 or more.

I want to start getting referrals, but I don't want to burn those that are filling out offers for me, or have them get burned. Is this a common concern?

Donn & Kathy


25-06-2007 21:53:28

First off, scholastic will get you some great books, at home rewards will give you some great discounts, etc. So don't specifically look at it as lost money.

However, you should know the freebie money is always in getting referrals from others.

sandra habina

25-06-2007 23:17:35

Always read the TOS of each offer you are interested in. Many offer some great services and products. As cubbieco mentioned - this is not wasted money. Go for the products you want and tell your referrals the same. As an added bonus you get credits for completing these offers and go for the bigger prizes. Good luck and have fun.


27-06-2007 15:09:08

If your a coffee drinker go for the baca java offer. Man im addicted. They were only sending me 4 half pound bags a month. I had to doulble it. (Fred)