Problems getting started here in FIPG

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24-06-2007 11:20:01

hi, all )

im a trader at flr and im trying to get into fipg, but i have a problem
with getting any tr here. (
I have done probly all offers available so i cant try to green for anyone,
to get tr that way.

i need someone with at least 4 tr to try to green for me pls.
as incentive, i will add up to $5 or more than my normal rates, on any of my

i really hope you guys can help.
thnx. )


24-06-2007 11:23:02

You may have to pay more than $5.00 over the going rates to get started. What I did when I went to FLR was to pay out $30.00 for a $40.00 ref. you dont make as much but you build your tr. And then can go back to reg. payments.


24-06-2007 12:27:38

thanks, that might work.
does anyone have any other suggestions.
or would like to trade with me?

Big War Bird

24-06-2007 15:21:37

There is no magic bullet. You are in a tough spot.


24-06-2007 15:59:58

I paid way high too, but it worked!


25-06-2007 08:33:22

thnks, i will try that, lol
that will suck, but guys pls take advantage of me then.


26-06-2007 13:35:17

mercury, I amin the same position... trying to pull up my TR and hoping some people will give me a chance.