frusterated newbie in canada

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23-06-2007 13:58:03

i am a newbie and i'm also a canadian. this has made any trades very very difficult. i've had 3 trade agreements with ppl who are probably thinking i'm trying to scam them but in reality i would never do such a thing i'm just not able to fulfill 98% or more of the offers cause they're not available to me or they redirect me (which is not considered a credit). the offers that i have been eligible for usually want me to buy a membership or something that is $150 and up. how can i do this without these angering problems. HELP!!!


23-06-2007 15:06:58

Look at the offer lists first before agreeing to do a trade, and see if there's offers you're interested in that you can do shrug


23-06-2007 15:27:22

There are many offers now available to CA residents. These are just 2 off the top of my head. Others will come up with more. Also there is a site called get-r-free that has nearly 500 offers to choose from, and must have many available to you. Good luck, and hope many post the known CA offers for you.

FitMD (CA and US) - Great Canadian offer at $5.95

Repo Car Search (CA and US) - Another great Canadian/US
offer at $5.95

Each of these are trial offers. FitMD may charge up front for a membership, but I don't believe so.

Best of luck to you!

Margot wink


23-06-2007 16:43:10

Read what's in my sig, fellow Canuck D


25-06-2007 09:57:15

There are many offers available to Canadian Users

1. Primus Canada TalkBroadband
2. USA Green Card - Lottery program
3. Home Business System
4. Paid Business Opportunity
5. - Rent DVDs by mail
6. eAuction Expert - Free Trial eBay Kit
7. - Online Jewelry Auction
8. WhiteSmoke Write Better English!
9. SurveyScout
10.eAuctionSuccess - International
11.Disney Collectible Ornaments
12.Rapid Auction Canada
13.Hoodia XPF
14.WhiteSmoke Dictionary
15.Woodworkers Book Club
16.Entertainment Weekly
17.Personalization Mall - Father's Day
18. Columbia House
19. Columbia Music

I am sure there would be more offers.