As the Forum title says... HELP!

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21-06-2007 13:02:36

I am new to the trading and freebies... but I am very interested into getting into this for hobby as well as make a little money. I was just wondering if there was anyone to take me under their wing and help? I don't want to break any rules or anything, so I thought asking for help might be the best way to stay "out of trouble"!


21-06-2007 13:03:54

I can help you learn the ropes. Feel free to contact me, or ask here.


21-06-2007 13:35:38

The best thing you can do is spend a week reading the forums, and researching the sites you are thinking about doing.


22-06-2007 06:34:59

My suggestion is READ, READ, READ. Then, when you are ready to try, contact an established trader - someone with a TR of at least 50lili who has a "presence" on the forum (posts helpful advice, encourages people, etc), and let the know that you would like some help getting started. I would be glad to help when you are ready, if you want.


lili the exception being the bunnyman - he only has a 21 but is definately experienced..... I mean established........ well, you all know what he is roll roll


22-06-2007 08:27:36

I would say a TR of at least 39. ) Find somebody who posts regulary in the help forum and start with them. MMM is a good choice, but there are others. ;)

Oh, and like other people I will also answer any of your questions regardless of whether or not you trade with me.


22-06-2007 10:01:59

Hey, I sent you a PM with some info. Don't feel pressured to reply back, as I'm sure you're overloaded looking at other trade offers. Just know that I'm able and willing to help you with any questions you may have about how all this works! wink