Completing the same offer twice...

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20-06-2007 21:35:07

Just curious, I am almost sure you can't...

Lets say I do Blockbuster on one site.

Can I do Blockbuster again on another site as long as I give a legitimate lead? Ex. a friends or coworkers addresss (obviously not the same residence...

I don't think this is acceptable, just wanted to check b4 I did it and went on hold possibly...Thanks


20-06-2007 21:41:00

I highly recommend against it. Because your IP would be attached to different addresses and names. BAD NEWS!


20-06-2007 22:09:56

While it seems like it would be OK on the surface, they are doing a lot of IP tracking. Site owners are talking to each other now. Ethically like you said it would be a new lead, but it would be a bad idea and I STRONGLY recommend against it.

I would have your friend sign up as your referral at some site and do it for you instead. It's more money for you anyway.


20-06-2007 22:12:49

Thanks, thats what I thought...


21-06-2007 07:35:24

You can't sign up "for" someone else. That's lying about who you are, which is fraud. If that person is genuinely interested in signing up or Blockbuster they can do it themselves.


21-06-2007 10:51:11


Duplicate offer completion is a terms violation almost everywhere, certainly with referral sites, and using someone else's info is a violation as well. Most advertisers -- and Blockbuster in particular from what I've heard -- will only pay for unique leads, not existing/returning customers.

Don't do it. And with you being here since 2005 I'm kinda surprised you even had to ask.


21-06-2007 19:24:46

It's also a bad idea to have your friend sign up as your ref if he/she wants to do the same offer as you. Looks too much like a walkthrough. Better if he/she signs up as your ref for a different site that has the offer he/she wants.