Valuemax, shopping essentials, todays escapes problem

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20-06-2007 12:29:54

I completed offers from Valuemax, shoping essentials, and todays escapes, and when I get to the last part, they say they can't process my order, yet I get an email saying that they have me on a 7-day membership! Has this happened to anyone else? I didn't get credit at all, and I still haven't gotten credit for any "instant" offers done on I completed these offers about 6 or 7 hours ago, yet still nothing.


20-06-2007 12:31:03

Those three are notorious for doing that.


20-06-2007 12:41:30

Yep...especially if you do them the same day or within a few days...


20-06-2007 12:53:14

I had the same trouble with the allforeone.yourgiftsfree site. I completed the same offers (they debited my c.c.) w/o getting instant credit. I was told by the person I was trading with that they take a day or so to give you credit for these offers and he was right. The next day I got credit & a conf. email from the site but not from the individual offer companies.

Check to see if your c.c was debited, then check for credit tomorrow.


20-06-2007 19:21:38

We recently had a long post about this here. It's ridiculous they haven't fixed it yet. It's been going on at least a month. It's almost like they just want you to waste offers. I ended up doing 6 instead of 4 at allforone.yourgiftsfree b/c of this.

What's really amazing is that when I called the customer service number that was listed, they acted like they had no idea what I was talking about. That seems pretty impossible. I guess we just keep posting about it and I always warn my referrals first.


20-06-2007 20:58:05

Please do a search for the other (several) posts about this exact topic (almost word-for-word). It has LOTS of important info in this that you should read.

For example...

The reason they give you a cannot process error is because of the secondary offer that they all automatically sign you up for - usually... I can't remember... it's either SimplyYou or SavingSmart... In any case - that's why you get the error and [b12d20c3790]the main offer [i12d20c3790]almost always[/i12d20c3790] goes through a few minutes or hours later, charges your cc, AND credits on the freebie site.[/b12d20c3790] [u12d20c3790]You just have to have patience![/u12d20c3790]


22-06-2007 06:25:28

Yes, now three days later I have the credit.

I was just afraid because it said instant, so I thought maybe I had some hidden cookies or something that wouldn't allow it or something like that.

Now I'm going to have one and a half credits on there. That was a waste.

Oh well, thanks for everyone's help.


24-06-2007 16:01:41

This can't be bumped enough. I have had 2 traders run into this just yesterday and today and get all frustrated and quit on me. All they had to do was ask though, that's what I'm here for!

It's pretty much all those $1 offers.