Trade Disappeared

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20-06-2007 11:06:06

I was on my Trade page when my cat walked across my keyboard & the trade I was looking at disappeared. I don't know what to do. Is there a way to retrieve it or do I need to contact the person I am trading with set it up again? Where did it go & will it look like I canceled the trade?



20-06-2007 11:16:32

Sure it's not hidden? (Click "Show hidden trades")

If you were in the process of creating one, and hit the backspace by accident, or closed the browser before saving it, then yeah, you'd need to recreate it.


20-06-2007 13:09:21

The trade was already set up/confirmed & I was working on completing the offers. I will contact my trader and ask them to set it up again.



20-06-2007 13:44:44

I believe Tho' is right, you just need to click on "show hidden trades," and it will pop back up...this kind of thing happens all the time, but they never just go away for good, after confirming and so on.

Trust me, I have many that I have requested deletion on, and they are hidden but still there in their hiddy hole if I choose to pull them up, as the other person has not also requested deletion.

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21-06-2007 06:13:55

I tried the Hide link but it did not reappear. I asked the trader to set it up again. Waiting for a reply. They are on a 10-12 day hiatus.


22-06-2007 07:18:32

Wow that's odd, I'd love to know what was done for that to happen! Have many trades that are sitting in there unneeded.

I'm sure they will get with you when they get back, especially if they kept you updated. Sorry that didn't work for you though...

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22-06-2007 09:38:11

Maybe "request deletion" was selected.
LOL That is SO like cats!