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Hi everyone, P
Here is my Greening Technique that i have used with so many of my sucessfull reffs. But I wanna give alot of credit for this
guide to Psparty and Shagz. Since I used parts of their guide that already
had what I needed to mention, to save me some time.

[bd072999102]Brief Guide[/bd072999102][/colord072999102]

ALWAYS clear your cookies[/colord072999102] This is the MAIN problem regarding not getting credit. If you have not cleared your cookies and you have clicked the offer elsewhere you will get credit there instead of on the site you want it.

[bd072999102]1) )[/bd072999102] CLEAR COOKIES[/colord072999102] FIRST, [bd072999102]BEFORE[/bd072999102] you click on the traders link to register at a site. if you delete cookies after clicking on the link. You will end up registering unrefered. And wont get paid for the green.

[bd072999102]2) )[/bd072999102] ALWAYS use Internet Explorer or Fire Fox.

[bd072999102]3) )[/bd072999102] ALWAYS make sure your cookies are on the lowest setting to accept them all.

[bd072999102]4) )[/bd072999102] DISABLE ANY antivirus, spyware, firewalls, or ad checking software. What a lot of people don't realize is any of these programs can either interfere with the cookies that make an offer track or they can block offer tracking in other ways.

[bd072999102]5) )[/bd072999102] Sign up into the site using the traders link, THIS IS IMPORTANT.

[bd072999102]6) )[/bd072999102] Then go to the offers page to complete an offer. The site should show you how many
Credits you need to “complete the requirements”. Also known as “Going Green”

[bd072999102]7) )[/bd072999102] Find the offer you want to do after looking around. When you make up your mind

[bd072999102]8 ) )[/bd072999102] Delete cookies again, close every web page/browser on screen.
Then open a new one. log back into the site, as an existing user this time.
I call this step the PREP[/colord072999102].

[bd072999102]9) )[/bd072999102] Go directly to the offer, and complete it. If for some reason the offer you chose does not allow you to complete it. Find another offer and do the prep again. Then go directly to it.

[bd072999102]10) )[/bd072999102] Upon completing the offer, you are brought to a "completion/confirmation page"
I advise that you wait up till 10 mins on that page. While waiting you should not surf, all you can do is wait. After 10 mins, even if the credit has not arrived after you refresh the page, at your status section, You are free to proceed with the next offer to complete the credit requirement. PREP[/colord072999102] first though.

[bd072999102]11) )[/bd072999102] you can only do an offer only once regardless of where you did it, or your account will be put on hold

[bd072999102]12) )[/bd072999102] Don’t worry the credit will eventually show up.[/sized072999102] P

[bd072999102]How Do I Clear My Cookies?[/bd072999102][/colord072999102]

INTERNET EXPLORER 6[/colord072999102] IE

1. Select “Tools" > "Internet Options" > "General" again.
2. Under the heading "Temporary Internet files," click on "Delete Cookies..."
3. Click "OK" for the "Delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files folder?" prompt.
4. Click "OK" to exit.

INTERNET EXPLORER 7[/colord072999102] IE

1. Click on "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "General" again.
2. Click the "Delete..." button.
3. Under the heading "Cookies," click on "Delete cookies..."
4. Click "Yes" for the "Delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files folder?" prompt.
5. Click "Close" to exit

[bd072999102]TO SET UP EXPLORER[/bd072999102]
And turn off pop up blocker[/colord072999102]

1. on Internet Explorer > go to options > privacy tab
2. pull that slider all the way down ---- to accept all cookies.
3. And also uncheck the pop up blocker there to turn it off

FIREFOX 2.0[/colord072999102]

1. Click on "Tools" > "Options" > "Privacy."
2. Click on show cookies.
3. Then click on Remove all cookies.
3. Click "OK" to exit.

[bd072999102]TO SET UP FIREFOX[/bd072999102]
And turn off pop up blocker[/colord072999102]

Go to options > content tab > and uncheck the pop up blocker - now it is off

[bd072999102]OTHER POP UP BLOCKERS[/bd072999102][/colord072999102]

If you have search bars in in IE such as yahoo, or google. You have to turn then off also.
When it says “pop ups ok” or “pop ups allowed” on the bar. That means its off.
Assuming that the search bar you have, has got pop up blockers in it.

[bd072999102]DISSABLE YOUR FIREWALL[/bd072999102][/colord072999102]

What a lot of people don't realize is any of these programs can either interfere with the cookies that make an offer track or they can block offer tracking in other ways.
You can also have pop up blockers in here, so pls check.

[bd072999102]What is "the landing page"?[/bd072999102][/colord072999102]

The landing page is where you are redirected to when you click on an offer, if you click away from this page to read a terms of service, privacy policy, or something else about the site, it could "Possibly" cause a no-credit issue, as some of the landing pages have whats called a "CREDITING Pixel" which is a small image which links to the freebie site and tells the advertiser where the lead was generated from, which in result gives that freebie site credit for your lead (this pixel is normally located on the order processed/completed page though).

It is advised to always, click the link, arrive at the landing page, and complete the offer. If you want to click around the site and read the TOS, or Privacy Policy, etc., I advise you open those in a new window (or tab), rather then browsing away from the landing page.
[bd072999102]Note[/bd072999102][/colord072999102] Filling out your information and clicking continue, is not leaving the landing page and will not affect anything. (It is what you're supposed to do).

[bd072999102]What do I do if I have left the landing page and have clicked around the offer-site already?[/bd072999102][/colord072999102]

Honestly your best option would be to close the offer page, clear your cookies, then click to open the offer-site again, and proceed accordingly.

TIP[/colord072999102] If you've visited an offer before and decided you didn't want to do it and are now about to do it, CLEAR YOUR COOKIES FIRST! Clearing your cookies in this situation will prevent the offer from not crediting, as well as putting a stop to the offer crediting to the WRONG Freebie Site you are pursuing (yes this does happen)

Enjoy this one friends.[/colord072999102]
Good luck, and[/colord072999102]
[bd072999102]Good Green. [/bd072999102][/colord072999102] P

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that is a great guide! If only manual credits still existed (


19-06-2007 19:21:02

This has been posted before, but some of that stuff can't be said too much. )


19-06-2007 19:44:53

umm... It's a sticky, as a matter of fact...


24-06-2007 13:28:28

Good info, but 4 and 10 aren't correct. You shouldn't have a problem with most anti-virus programs unless they interfere with cookies, which most don't, but it doesn't really do damage if you turn them off for a little. But 10 is completly incorrect, you can surf or do whatever you want and it won't make any difference, also most offers marked "instant" can take up to 24 hours to credit, once again it's not doing much, but I'd think it would be a pain just sitting there checking for 10 minutes then when it didn't credit thinking you can't do anything. I don't see the whole big deal about cookies, it's not really a problem unless you've submitted your info to that offer before, which would be fraud, but I guess there is a small chance it might cause problems so it's ok to do it. But besides those 2 it's perfect info, +KMA


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) bumping you D


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