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19-06-2007 09:24:57

can anyonme please help me out?
I lost the number to INCREASE MY MARGINS, and im trying to call them.
any help?


19-06-2007 09:28:02

we don't EVER talk about cancellation here.


19-06-2007 09:32:09

why? its not like I wanted to from the beginning... I just dont like the product.... Hows this then. I edited it... )


19-06-2007 09:34:25

much better )

There is a thread at the top of this forum titled "who billed me" the info might be in there


19-06-2007 10:58:07

You can also try clicking the link where you signed up to then from.


19-06-2007 22:48:43

OUCH! You might want to edit your last post also.... wink

You can do a live chat with them for free regarding any quetion or concern you have by going to http//

Hope that helps,

Margot D