When and how

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19-06-2007 06:56:20

So how do we know when the affiliates have made there decisions about the fraud problem? Also how long do you expect till the decision is made, does anybody know? Are site owners in communication with affiliates?


19-06-2007 07:00:15

They have already decided to not accept MCRs for the most part, and other possible changes include switching to a payout schedule that isn't as frequent and issuing revoked credits....among other possible changes.

That's a basic rundown of an average of freebie site, but it varies slightly from network to network.


19-06-2007 07:16:22

So when do you expect freebie sites to start approving orders again and paying out?


19-06-2007 07:19:34

I can't say about the others for sure, but I know that we hope to get the orders we have processed as soon as possible, just as soon as we hear back from the affiliates.


19-06-2007 11:00:18

2dollardeal appears to be on the same schedule. I haven't heard that trainn or the others have been affected. I wouldn't worry about it too much, I think the transition will be fairly quick and painless.


19-06-2007 13:47:37

Paying a lot of money for wine, only to have it not credit, and having submitted a credit request in MAY that will now not even be considered... that is definitely not painless! evil

What are the prospects for getting together with different marketing companies for new affiliate offers? Even if the offers all required a purchase, most people (I think) wouldn't mind as long as it wasn't crazy-expensive (like the wine)... ?

EDIT The wine was delicious, by the way ;)[/size84b8e7d609]