A question about TR

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18-06-2007 06:29:12

I'm sorry if this question was already answered somewhere, I didn't see it.

I was wondering about TR. I have completed several sites for people, not just on this forum but others as well, and now it's hard to find sites to complete for TR because I've either already one them, or have already done the offers on other sites etc.
Now I'm just trying to complete sites so I can get some money (My bank account has $0.95 in it, no joke) is there another way to get TR since I think people will be put off to trading with me with a TR of 0 and I can't pay until approval because I 1)have no money, and 2) got screwed by a couple people going red or I went green for them and they never signed up or finished offers and just disappeared.


18-06-2007 07:21:02

There are LOTS of sites and LOTS of offers available. Even with my TR, I've just barely run out of available offers. And sites add new offers all the time. So I would suggest, first, that you always check out a site and its offers before deciding you can't do it. (I just got a couple of greens from a person who has a 300+ TR - even with so high a TR, she was still able to find offers to do)

That said, the best thing would be for you to trade greens. It's a lot cheaper and a lot easier most of the time. Plus, there are a lot of people looking for greens who can do that kind of trade. And in the meantime, you build TR.

As far as paying for refs on approval... Even those of us with higher TR have difficulty finding refs on approval - especially when so many others are paying on green. So you can try, but I'm not sure how much luck you'd have with that.


18-06-2007 11:51:44

dito. What she just told you, If you need help get it from an expirianced trader. Not another newbie. skepticalcynic is such a trader. Go with her on you first few trades, you will find your expiriance here alot easier.