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17-06-2007 07:59:21

I know I read if we trade and its with someone with a tr lower than 4 we get no tr point, and if both of us have a tr below 4 diffently no tr ponts. But we still can trade at our own risk right? It's because I got Pm by someone telling me I can't trade because my TR is only 2, but they have a posting staing the pay high for greens and their TR is 0. So I kind of made me mad..


17-06-2007 08:03:07

If one of you has TR +4 or higher, you will get credit for your trade (UNLESS it's for a no credit card site, in which case it doesn't matter how high your TR is), but if both of you are lower than +4 TR, neither of you will get credit, and yes, you can still trade at your own risk, although I DO recommend trading with a respectable trader.

Hope this helps! D


17-06-2007 08:06:31

Thanks just got a little offended, I thought at first I did something wrong, but then got curious and really looked at who sent it and I realized, that this persons Tr was 0. I guess a suttle vent..Thanks )