Diff'rent Brag Bags

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16-06-2007 20:55:20

Sorry, have no idea where something like this belongs. It's just a comment.

I'd like it if there were two different Brag Bag threads one for PayPal gifts, and another for tangible gifts. In my efforts to try and persuade friends to take the plunge with freebie sites, I've had a hard time finding people's proof of REAL gifts. All I can find is PayPal gifts... but that doesn't "wow" my friends.

Anyone else think a BB thread for PP, and another for tangible gifts would be nice?


16-06-2007 21:56:04

Personally, I think that it is fine just the way it is ... also, and this isn't anything against you, but maybe the mods will move this to off-topic where it would belong?


17-06-2007 06:54:05

See? I said I didn't know where it belonged! That was the first thing I said. But, how is it off topic? It's about the freebie scene, and this forum in particular.

And, no, there's nothing wrong with the BB as it is, but I was just making a suggestion. Any other thoughts?


17-06-2007 10:16:42

Hey man. It wasn't anything against you ... I said it would be better there because this is the help forum, and it doesn't seem that this thread is asking for help. That's all.

I am always up for suggestions, as are the mods (I speak in generalities), so please don't take my previous post to be negative in any way, as that was not my intent.


17-06-2007 11:49:51

Alright BunnyMan, you're lucky I've heard nothing but good things about you P Nah, sorry, I just thought you were hassling me because I had it in the wrong area, even though I specified I didn't know where it was meant to go. Move it, mods, if you see fit.

Back ON topic, anyone think it'd be nice? Or am I just talking out my A?