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16-06-2007 15:10:06

Does anybody know how to get back to this site and login. I signed up three days ago and checked the site out right after I signed up for it, but cant seem to figure out the URL to get back into my acct. I tried doing a google search, that didnt work. I also just tried going to, but nowhere to login. I also went back to the freebie site and clicked on the link there to get to the offer trial page, but no link to get anywhere to login. Can someone please let me know any info on this. I need to get into this site within the next couple of days. Thanks!


17-06-2007 04:26:07

I went to http/ and it loaded fine. If you click on the affiliate link button in the top right corner, it takes you to the login screen.

Since I'm not a member I couldn't log in, but I hope this helps.