I need help.... please....

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15-06-2007 20:50:41

I am new to trading but have had enough of being paid for greens. I am running out of offers to register for and I would like to know how to advertise that i am willing to pay for greens.
I know that you just post a thread in the trading forum, but the thing that I am unsure about is when someone agrees to go green for you, how do you send the trade with your site listed on it to ensure that you get credit for the referal?
Please help.

Thank you


15-06-2007 20:55:09

You go to the site that you want to get referrals for, copy and paste your referral link, then under requester trades and notes, you can post your link.

Hope that helps...


19-06-2007 01:04:40

wow that is so short form... if u want to set up ur trades come see me ill help u so that u will know how to do it in just a few sec... pm me or yim me anytime love to help ya out.. sorry denise but if i didnt know how i would go what u are speaking a foreign language to me ...so i am sorry.....mike