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15-06-2007 10:22:53

i having troubles getting offers i complete to post green for me i done one noncc site and 2 of the 4 offers i done have posted i only needed 4 to complete my credits i needed it's been 3 days is there anything i can do, i know i can do a couple more offers to complete it but then that is 2 more i'm out the next time i do one i guess the word i wanna mention here is HELP!


15-06-2007 10:24:14

You pretty much have to do more offers and pray they credit (


15-06-2007 10:37:32

There has been a policy change to all incentive based sites. They are no longer allowed to issue manual credit's to you. If you complete an offer and you do not recieve credit you CANNOT send in a support ticket for credit.

Like she said, you just have to do another offer. It's the new rule.


15-06-2007 10:41:07

Make sure you log out, delete your cookies, refresh the page and log back in before each offer you complete. Also look at the offers, read their terms, decide which one you are going to do, then logout and do as stated above. Then go straight to the offer and complete it. This may help you go green.


15-06-2007 11:49:24


no more MCR so you better watch out!!

sites are sensitive, you shoulda worked with me D