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15-06-2007 06:35:16

I'm a newbie and want to complete offers for cash


15-06-2007 06:36:51

You probably want to have this moved to The Trading Post. I am paying on green for offers. Check out my sig below and PM me if you are interested in any of my sites.


15-06-2007 07:20:59

As I have posted before, Welcome !!

My recommendations for new people are these

Read [bd1510153db]everything[/bd1510153db] - the big red box, trade module tutorial, help topic posts, etc, etc.

Once you feel ready to try, contact an established trader (someone with a TR of at least 50 who has a presence on the Forum - posts answers to questions, offers helpful advice, etc). Express your desire for help to get started (I am willing to help, but you can choose whoever you want). Do 3-5 trades for $$. Be sure to keep really good records of what sites you sign up for, what offers you do, etc.

Next, take a couple of the sites you are signed up for, and trade site for site (also called green for green) another 10-15 times. That should finish off at least one of your original sites, and will get your TR up to a level where you stand a better chance of getting refs.

From that point on, it is a balance of paying for referrals and trading site for site........ onward and onward, until [bd1510153db]you[/bd1510153db] are one of the established traders that new people come to for help.

Hope this helps.



15-06-2007 11:52:41

hope everything goes well for you!