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14-06-2007 21:02:30

How do I get into completing offers for to


14-06-2007 21:10:17

There are plenty of people wanting to pay paypal for greens (myself included). Just read through the trading post and figure out which ones you want to do. Make sure you do offers for someone with a TR of at least 4 so you will get credit for the trade.

Hope this helps.


14-06-2007 22:00:54

You can contact me!!!!!! D D D D


14-06-2007 22:26:57

Send me a message and I will get you set up!


15-06-2007 07:14:03

[quote84ba2e7936="forshizzle"]How do I get into completing offers for to[/quote84ba2e7936]

Welcome !!

My recommendations for new people are these

Read [b84ba2e7936]everything[/b84ba2e7936] - the big red box, trade module tutorial, help topic posts, etc, etc.

Once you feel ready to try, contact an established trader (someone with a TR of at least 50 who has a presence on the Forum - posts answers to questions, offers helpful advice, etc). Express your desire for help to get started (I am willing to help, but you can choose whoever you want). Do 3-5 trades for $$. Be sure to keep really good records of what sites you sign up for, what offers you do, etc.

Next, take a couple of the sites you are signed up for, and trade site for site (also called green for green) another 10-15 times. That should finish off at least one of your original sites, and will get your TR up to a level where you stand a better chance of getting refs.

From that point on, it is a balance of paying for referrals and trading site for site........ onward and onward, until [b84ba2e7936]you[/b84ba2e7936] are one of the established traders that new people come to for help. lol lol

Hope this helps.