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14-06-2007 16:48:46

Hello all,

I am pretty much a newb supreme. I have been hammering out offers as fast as poss, but haven't been quite seeing the green I'd like. I just read the info about clearing hidden cookie folders/files. I'll be doing that in a sec. Thanks for that.

My real concern is that it seems to me that I'm running out of offers that I can do because of either

A. A lot of sites tend to offer the same things


B. Some sites will have 5 or even 7 offers posted, but they're all affiliated with the same base company. Here's what I mean

Onlinesuppliers offers a gang of ebay/auctions stuff etc.
Today's Escapes offers more than one offer per site
Membershipme has a finger in tons of pies.


What can I do? I know there is something out there that I probably don't know that would help me around this, but I need some seasoned vets to help me out. Maybe I don't know the difference between repeating offers and not repeating them. Is it different if it's a vitamin offer thru xyz company that leads to and a loan offer thru abc company that leads to Obviously, I'm in the newb jungle and need a guide out.

HELP ? ? ?


14-06-2007 17:08:19

The offer carousel can be confusing. Some offers may be the same but named differently from site to site. The whole key to making money doing this is to be organized and never assume. If you are not sure about a particular offer. Submit a support ticket with the freesite that the offer is on and ask about the offer. They will usually tell you yes or no if you can complete the offer even if you completed a similar offer else where. Not the same offer but similar. Those Auction expert, Auction Monster, Online Supplier etc. offers are very abundant accross all freesites. I practice the logic If there is any doubt about the completion of an offer, I don't do the offer unless the freesite support tells me yes I can do it. Offer fraud is a serious thing in freesite referral trading. You won't only go red on the site that you committed the offer fraud on but more then likely you will go red on some if not all of the sites you have. It just isn't worth taking that risk. Depending on what sites you have. There are some sites out there with unique offers. If you are interested let me know and I can point some of those out to you.


14-06-2007 18:14:52

Thanks for that. ) I guess I'll be opening some support tickets here tonight. Well that was helpful. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get to some sites that don't have so many repeats, or a site that is kinda new so that it doesn't have as many overworked offers?

Any ideas? oops


14-06-2007 19:48:38

Have you tried the git-r-free network of sites? They have a ton of offers and some offers that you don't see much of anywhere eles. Let me know I am working one of those sites now.


14-06-2007 20:26:34

Another thing you can do is to see if you can get an extra referral instead of doing offers. It will only work if you are unreferred, but it will prevent you from having to do offers yourself. I know that the YourGiftsFree network allows that, but there are others that do the same.

sandra habina

14-06-2007 23:49:06

I wish that there was a list for all us that contained the affiliate offers that can and can not be done. It would be so much easier. I know that some companies like ebay will allow you to do more than one but others - that have completely different names seem like they want to trap traders. I do not understand that. Any ideas? Any one????


15-06-2007 05:33:47

On FLR there is a sub-forum just for offer discussion. There is a few posts with in that forum that gives this type of information. The forum forbids any disscussion on cancelling offers as it should. There is one post that an experienced user created on the different offers and how they are and are not affiliated with other offers. It is also posted on how well they credit. The post is added on to by different veteren traders who have experience. This type of post is very helpful when considering different offers. It would be awesome to have a similar post on FIPG because there are quite a few seasoned vets on this forum who could share there knowledge on the subject.
Actually, there might already be a post on here with this type of information. It might just need to be bumped and then added to.


15-06-2007 07:19:42

Of offers from the same company, some will let you do more than one and some won't. The whole Momentum Direct family (2 Day Slimdowm and a bunch of new diet ones) allow only one. The TLScience family allows one every 90 days (found that out from their customer support when it kept telling me I had already tried that product and I knew I didn't). Online Supplier runs under a bunch of different names, but you can only do one.

A list would be a great idea (maybe as a stickie??). If someone wants to start one, I'll gladly add what I know.



15-06-2007 07:52:13

So glad to see your responses. Thanks everyone sooo much. I am so grateful for your generous help. MMM, I don't understand what you mean by get another referral rather than filling out offers myself. I'm only looking to fulfill greens for others right now until I get my TR to a level where people will trust/take me seriously. Am I even remotely understanding you? Please let me know. Marbleye, thanks for your suggestion about the git-r-free (sp?) site, but I just received a trade for that site from a certain fantastic trader. I plan on getting underway with that promptly. I'll make sure I check out those postings that you talked about in the offers forum. Thanks. Ms. Sandy2Dandy it's good to see you here, thanks for posting. True to your nature, checking the help forum to see if you can help someone. Such an angel. I agree with Sandra, I wish there was an affiliate list here. Well, if anyone else has any ideas or help, make sure you drop a line.



15-06-2007 08:07:29

Thanks to you too Laurel. You must have posted while I was typing. LOL Wasn't trying to leave you out. I agree if someone could start a list that would be great.