Anyone know what's the best way to do a paypal dispute?

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14-06-2007 12:36:07

I need to file 2 paypal disputes, and I want to do it the best way possible because I know it's hard to get your money back from them. Thanks for all your input!! ) ) )



14-06-2007 12:48:02

I filed a dispute as a service with goods not received. I included copies of any emails and also the screen print showing a RED status and the trade showing I would pay only on green. I won the dispute, but the person had already taken the money out of his account.

Good luck ! Hope this helps!


14-06-2007 12:58:28

i think prophylaxis is the best bet now.
what I mean is this
anyone u have to pay first you should use a credit card payment. then if things go south and paypal will not help you or they deny your dispute, do a charge back. just did that last week.


14-06-2007 18:16:53

It's unfortunate, but Sandy would be able to help you out on this one...she has more experience than she ever warranted. (

Margot wink


15-06-2007 22:11:19

thanks everyone!!!