? on referal sites

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13-06-2007 08:36:44

New in and been looking around alot but I have a ?. If I sign up for a site wanting referals (x number of referals for x amount $) how long do I have to complete and what if I dont? Thanks


13-06-2007 09:05:35

Each site differs. Some have a time llimit, but most don't.

I hope this helps!


13-06-2007 09:14:53

I know FreePay is 90 days. I haven't done any other sites with a time limit on them, so I know most don't )


13-06-2007 09:17:34

BUT - you are responsible for paying your refs the agreed-upon sum whether you finish or not


13-06-2007 09:28:08

Thanks that helps...I would never not pay someone but just havent done one yet and wondering how it worked.


13-06-2007 09:33:59

no problem )

just thought I'd throw it out there


13-06-2007 12:42:56

freepay is the only one i know of with a time limit.
actually, i remember one of the new sites has a 6-month limit. but most sites don't have any limit.