friend locked out of forum

Live forum:


12-06-2007 21:55:21

friend locked out of forum please pm me for new email adress thank you terry..


12-06-2007 21:56:55

Confusing. What is your friend's username, so that people know that they are locked out and know to contact you?


12-06-2007 22:00:43

the friends user name is rchlhrp ..sorry i messed that one up oops


12-06-2007 22:18:28



14-06-2007 13:19:57

rchlhrp says
Hello. Yes Tholeck had tried to reset my password yet it has not fixed the problem! I had this post put on by my bestfriend before she left after I had asked annel to do it! That was my bad! Also I wanted it here so people I am trading with can get ahold of me on any problems that may arrise in till my account is fixed! Also... if I need to create another account I can do so as long as they
rchlhrp says
transfer my karma and tr to that new account! Also I still have not recieved a response and if they are sending me pm's I can't check those... all I can do is look at the forums and dream! Miss all of my friends and hope to be back on here soom. A special thanks to terry, annel, and pattie for all the help!