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12-06-2007 17:56:22

Can anyone tell me the rules on backing out of a trade...Without mentioning names at this point..I will say that I agreed to green for someone..When I bought the offer and it did not clear immediately, MY respondent backed out of the trade. I still PAID for the offer, yet must wait 7 days in accordance with the site's rules to request a manual trade. Is this acceptable? When my respondent backed out, he offered to pay the $7 it cost me to complete the offer for fact I received a post from him saying that he DID send the 7..but alas..he did not.. Is there recourse for me or am I just S.O.L.?


12-06-2007 18:01:27

It depends what the description of the trade was in the trade module.


12-06-2007 18:06:16

If it greens, he must pay you or do your site. If it doesn't just take the $7. If he doesn't complete your site or pay you contact a moderator and he'll either pay you or get banned.


12-06-2007 18:11:32

Ok thats what I thouhgt..He DID offer to pay the 7....However he PM'dme YESTERDAY said he did send it...but did not..I have tried to contact him but have gotten no response..In fairness how long should I wait for a response before I go any further? It could be any number of errors or missed communication and I dont want to jump the gun....


12-06-2007 18:37:09

Like I said - look at the terms of the trade. If he set it up that you must green within a certain time period, then he is within his rights to cancel the trade. If there was no time limit written anywhere in the trade description, then yes, you should PM a mod.


12-06-2007 19:20:13

Ok thanks for all of your seems it was a simple misunderstanding..all is well..I didnt want to over react but what can I say? I am new LOL