Speaking with a person at Dermatrin, not a voice mailbox...

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11-06-2007 14:44:08

I need to speak with customer service at Dermatrin, but whenever I call either of the numbers I have for them (888-255-2432 or 404-477-2105), I get a voicemail message saying to leave some information and that they'll "process my request" the next business day, but I can't wait until tomorrow for them to take care of what I'm calling in about. When I call the first number, it tells me to call the second number to speak with a rep, but when I call that number I just get a different voice mailbox message! x

I don't know what to do, I need to take care of this today. I've left a voicemail on both numbers and sent an email but I don't think that's really going to help immediately. ( Does anybody have a number I can call to speak with a person about Dermatrin? Help!


11-06-2007 15:49:32

I have one other number, but it is nearly after hours now...800-617-5134.

I was able to talk to a real person, but what a pain...I had the same problem as you, and as long as you have left all the info you can, and try to call tomorrow, they should work with you. It actually turned into a positive experience for me.

Best of luck!

Margot wink


12-06-2007 11:37:56

I keep getting their "after-hours voicemail", even on that number... x But it's nowhere near after hours! This is such a hassle. I press 0 and it has a recording that says the transfer is "unavailable"... they probably disabled that feature. ( I just want a more reliable method of reaching somebody than email or voicemail...