How long should I wait?

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09-06-2007 22:32:55

I agreed with a Green for Green trade with sjbppd on May 23rd.
I completed my Green on the same day and waiting for him. He rarely reply to my messages. Finally last week he told me that he is done and waiting for manual credit.
I contacted the site owner in a forum and he told sjbppd completed only 1/3 offer and he approved his manual credit instantly for me.
Now I am asking sjbppd about this. sjbppd is telling me that there is no time limit is established part of the trade so he will take his own time to complete. Is this common in FIPG? If the timeline is not discussed part of trade can we take our own time to complete the offers?
I agree if it goes to manual credit it may take 45 days to get the result, but can I delay in doing the site itself for these long?

What should I do now? any suggestion will be helpful



09-06-2007 23:04:22

I try to specify in my trades to "confirm trade within 24 hours", "Gone Yellow and/or green within 72 hours" and if requires manual credit, must be done within 24 hrs of when it is allowed (depending on the site and offer done). I check with the site owner at that time point to see if manual credits were sent. If not, I reserve the right to cancel the trade. All this infor should be put in the trade module just so no confusion is possible. People don't realize how important it is to green as quickly as possible so everyone can get paid as quick as possible. Not cool for the person you are trading with to say that he will "take his time". very uncoutious! bad trading manners! x sorry for your situation! If no time limit was specified, then you are kinda stuck waiting on him .


10-06-2007 06:38:06

It is really bad Any moderators around to help me with this situation??


10-06-2007 07:17:27

You would probably have better luck sending a pm to a moderator )


10-06-2007 18:09:13

Lets get something straight. First, If you are going to be a pain about trading you should set up an expiration for the trade. Second, I never told you that you just have to wait. That's an out right lie. I said I am waiting to be credited and you will have to wait. I have no controll over how fast an offer is credited. Third, I reply to all of your messages.

You have been harrassing me about this trade since it was set up. Not 24 hours after, but a couple of minutes into the trade.

I completly understand that you would like to complete this site and so would I. But this all depends on how fast I am credited for each offer. I have heard rumors about yaits, so I decided to complete the offers as they were credited. For my own safety. I've had to request credit for each offer completed up until this point. Now you will have to wait until the last offer is credited.

You might want to add to this topic that on yaits you may have to complete more than 5 offers for one credit.

Oh yeah, another lie. I have completed more than 1/3 of the offer, more than 1/2 in fact.

I am strongly considering setting up my own post to warn traders about you. I think you are a complete lunatic.

It is not good business to try an tarnish a traders name, when you clearly know that he is in fact working to complete a trade but not as timely as you would have liked.

CHECK MY TRADE RECORD- I have never had a problem trade on my end until you, all my trades are smooth and speedy until you. So who's the real problem?


10-06-2007 19:34:19

This is an unfortunate situation for the both of you, as I understand wanting someone to green instantly, but that is so often not a reasonable thing to ask. Some have difficulty whether it is the site, the offer, or the persons knowledge of clearing cookies/files etc...

But I will say this much...the mods here are able to go through each and every one of the pm's sent and received, and determine who is in the right. You can not in anyway fool them, they are on top of it all, and are deeply involved with all aspects of this forum. I have no doubt that a mod or 2 are checking in on this situation as I type.... A great thing about FIPG !!

Hope you two come to terms with this, as it is not a fun thing to have traders unhappy with each other.

Margot wink


10-06-2007 19:40:53

I've read through the PMs from both sides.

mybusinessid - it sounds like he is working getting full credit, though he could be in better communication about it. I didn't see any PMs where he said he was going to take his time.

sjbppd - please just keep in better communication with mybusinessid, and try to get the trade completed in a decent amount of time. nobody likes to wait around too long.


10-06-2007 23:21:04

Thanks mod for checking this.

I have contacted the site owner about the manual credit and he mentioned clearly that there is no manual credit request from him. Which means he is yet to complete the offers. I am not bugging him on second day or soo, I waited for 17 days, is it not reasonable time?

I know if it goes to manual credit it takes months to get, even I am waiting for more than 3 weeks on other site. But in this case he is not completed the offers at all after 17 days. That's when I started crying.

Anyway I can wait for somemore time.

Thanks everyone


13-06-2007 18:26:50

I have been waiting for my last offer to credit for 4 days now, I have already requested credit through the site.