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09-06-2007 16:06:33

I need help. When I logged on yesterday the system told me I was banned. Although the puppy was very cute. Can someone help me? Not sure what happened or if it was an error. I read and reread all the rules to make sure I didn't cross any boundries or anything. I'm really confused. If someone could help me with this I would appreciate it. I'm still aloud on the site so I guess that's good. I did complete a few trades and, frankly, I love it here. Everyone is nice and helpful. So if someone could get back to me I would appreciate it. Thanks. ?


09-06-2007 17:13:09

pm a mod.


09-06-2007 17:25:26

If you were banned and you're still able to post, you must have somehow landed in purgatory. That, or you're using AOL, whose IP addresses we frequently ban due to that service's popularity among scammers.

sandra habina

09-06-2007 19:47:05

I have heard people say that they see a puppy behind bars and it says an error message or banned. You need to clear your cookies and log back in.


09-06-2007 21:02:37

Thanks for everyones help. It must be the cookies thing because once I went to log back on all was good. I do have an AOL acct that I use for emails and paypal but I always log in through explorer. I will pm a mod tomorrow to make sure. You all are so helpful I'd hate not to be able to be here. Thanks again. D