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08-06-2007 09:44:49

Does anyone have any information on how to talk to a real person via [u784fbe9961][b784fbe9961]TELEPHONE [/b784fbe9961][/u784fbe9961]at


08-06-2007 14:57:46

You could try their pay by phone number to see if they can give you the information you need.
Monday Sunday, 8AM 5PM, PST


08-06-2007 15:35:18

It's a recorded directory. They have a selection to pay your bill via an automated system and an option for investors, but for customer service they direct you to live chat. I really like their site and I'm thrilled with my purchases - only one thing I have to return because it was damaged prior to packaging. That's no problem because I can get an RMA number online. What I want phone support for is because 2 of the items didn't get included in the purchase and shipment and have now been relisted. Of course it's 2 items I really wanted. I just can't imagine being able to explain everything on the computer. I guess I'll have to.

By the way - is probably the second best offer I ever did. The best was Cosmetique. Both are fantastic. And I also highly recommend Netflix - even though I didn't get it through an offer it is one of the best things I ever signed up for.


08-06-2007 15:47:41

I agree!

I love cosmetiqe and netflix, but the seattle coffee direct is my favorite )


08-06-2007 21:59:02

I love Bidz myself. I plan to buy more stuff when I can, and I occasionally just window shop (or monitor shop) ;)


09-06-2007 19:56:23

Bidz is a lot of fun, and the products seem to really be of great quality! But watch out for the second chance terms!

I haven't ever seen a way to talk to a real person, wish I could be more helpful there!

My 2 favorite offers are blockbuster and What awesome services they have!

Margot D