Discouraged and need pointers pls?

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07-06-2007 23:04:06


I wasn't sure where else to post this, but I wanted to reach out to those out there who understand what we do here in trading for greens. I am finding myself discouraged this week. See, I have been trading since March and really really hyped about it and excited and then last week I got my first payout. It was less than $100, but it was my first freebie/prize and it was exciting to me, REALLY exciting! It made me want to pick up the pace and trade even more, yanno? D But, ironically? My trading has slowed. ( Maybe it just seems that way because I am more anxious and excited to trade, but it seems that I can hardly get anyone to trade /

By the way, I do LOVE this site. I did some searching online tonight because like I said I have been discouraged and the past two days I have been thinking maybe I need to branch out and look for more places to find referrals. Oh boy oh boy. There are some scary places out there that are really disorganized trading for refs. I am sooo lucky I found you guys first! ) ) ) Hahha, on that lighter note.

Anyway, I was hoping maybe I could get some encouragement and maybe some pointers on how to get referrals? Cuz maybe I am doing something wrong? I have been doing this since March and only have a TR of 22. I've been at this full time since the end of May and the refs have been VERY slow coming. I just don't know what to do. I wanna pick up the pace, I guess is what I'm sayin' and I'm not sure how )

Thanks for any suggestions ya'll may have.



07-06-2007 23:23:00

Trading in general has slowed down, way too many new people trying to pay people with 0 TR. As stated in other threads, we could use another Project Payday flood for new users. I definately understand, I put on my post, pick your own payment and it's still not going as good as I would like. Just stick with it and be patient.


08-06-2007 07:18:37


I have been noticing that it goes in spurts or cycles. And at times it gets crazy and others it is like watching the grass grow...slow slow slow.

I looked at your post, and it looks fine, though maybe others might offer suggestions to jazz it up.

If you are able to do it, trading green for green is often far cheaper, and will get your TR up there as well as getting your sites completed. wink

Margot D


08-06-2007 07:31:42

I had the same problem for a while, then I got a bunch of refs, then I got nothing again. It is truly cyclical. Just be patient )


08-06-2007 08:08:51

I agree with Margot and Tinkerjenn. It has been very slow this week. Patience is definitely a virtue in this business. Just hang in there. The greens will come. D D

Big War Bird

08-06-2007 08:33:58

Quit now! You wll never get another trade. No one will green for you ever again.

I hit a rut about the same point as you did. When you transition from getting paid to paying for greens it is really slow going. You are at a point that you at considerable disadvantage to higher TR traders.


08-06-2007 10:57:05

Need to be persistent, competitive, improve every detail, etc, but not to get discouraged. Hope that was helpful.


08-06-2007 12:16:23

@amnesiachick. I'll be here a year come June 30. Look at my TR. I've made over $3,000. TR really doesn't mean anything, it just means you made more trades, lol. There's no "rush" to have extremely high TR.


08-06-2007 16:49:38

Thanks so much to everyone who has responded to my post. You guys are all so encouraging and helpful. Thanks again. I'll keep on keeping on and try to be patient. It's good to know that this week hasn't just been slow for me. lol! No offense intended. ) I took all of your advice to heart and will remember and apply it. Thanks so so so much. I needed this.

) amnesiachick