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07-06-2007 17:35:45

So far I've seen the Amazon Diet and 2 Day Slimdown. Apparently you can't do more than one from this comapny. Does anyone know what else I need to be watching out for from them?


07-06-2007 18:13:12

Those are the only two I know of for sure...


07-06-2007 22:06:24

Permaslim. I wasn't aware you couldn't do more than one of theirs. They don't take credit cards and the phone number doesn't work (at least for Permaslim. There was a thread on this but I won't be doing anymore regardless.


07-06-2007 22:22:36

I was able to email= them at them at and actually get a response.


08-06-2007 06:55:27


It came to my attention a few days ago that Young Energetic and Slender (I believe it is called) and the Amazon diet are considered the same offer. This was due to a person going red for completing both of these...I can't confirm as it was not my trade.

But the first I mentioned is also a Momentum Direct offer, and I have been able to do all of them if not a current sub for one of the products at that time. The web site works well, and it is hassle free. I have the 2 day slim down, and it's a great detoxifier.


Margot wink


08-06-2007 12:29:54

Thanks, Im glad to hear I might be able to try a different one of their products in the future.