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07-06-2007 15:42:35

I have a weird question. I started on this site yesterday and I made a little bit of money. I mentioned it to my sister who lives next door and she wanted to know how to do it. Now we don't live together, but I have a wireless connection at my house as does she. Very often we carry our laptops back and forth and do our blogging and computer work from each others houses. What I am wondering is, if I show her how to do it on her computer but at my house on my wireless, will we get into trouble?

Please help me. She is sitting here with her laptop in hand, watching me type this. She is anxiously awaiting a response. Thanks so much!!


07-06-2007 15:45:28

Assuming you mean for you to sign on over at her house (or visa-versa), then most definitely, since it would be logged as multiple IPs...


07-06-2007 15:50:41

ok you need use a software .example;url==http://=http:///url deepfreezz. or clean state V4.2 they will help you this problem ..all computer will reset after every restart. ok thank

Big War Bird

07-06-2007 15:55:12

Definitely keep your laptops on your respective networks. Take precaustions that your laptop doesn't pick up her signal and vice versa.


07-06-2007 19:07:25

If your different wireless access points have passwords and you know which one you are logged in to, then her computer might work on her wireless at your apartment (depending on the range) but it's risky, especially if you use her as a referral. You might pm the sites that you refer her to and explain the situation. They generally will work with you especially if you are honest up front.


07-06-2007 19:10:09

Cubbieco makes a great point. It never hurts to contact the site and explain the situation up front )

sandra habina

07-06-2007 20:31:19

Yes as cubbieco and tinkerjenn both said - contact the site owners prior to doing their sites. You do not want to finish a bunch of trades only to find out that you went red/hold or banned. Be careful dear.