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06-06-2007 19:47:14


I have a couple people trying to complete trades and they are getting a message when they click on the offers, something to the effect that they do not have permissions. Does anyone know what causes this and how to get around it? I can't seem to get the error message when I click on an offer for the site, and when I put in a support ticket they didn't know either. Only two people have had this problem (that I know of) so it seems to be working for others.



06-06-2007 20:21:42

They need to reduce their security settings probably. Clear their cookies, reboot, something like that.


06-06-2007 22:48:15

cubbieco is on the right track. Depending on their operating system, and the type of network they are on, if any will hold the keys to it. If they are using Windows XP, make sure their account has the administrator status. That alone might solve their problem. Other than that, Lowering their security settings, clearing cookies, removing any ratings filters, and most other thigs you can think of, like phishing filters, content filters, and such should be dealt with.

If you, or your friends need specific instructions, just PM me and I will be happy to oblige.

sandra habina

07-06-2007 05:55:14

Oh this is very helpful information. I have had a few traders with the same problem, it never occurred to me that they might not have the administrator status. Great question and answers. Thankyou all.