Hotgifts4you down???

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05-06-2007 20:17:18

Is anyone having problems with them? Are they under construction? I tried to send a support ticket but it didnt work. Seems ALL my referrals email addresses have disappeared. So was wondering if anyone else was having that problem.....or any problems like mine??

Big War Bird

05-06-2007 20:23:03

I am having the same problem - referral emails are gone, though not their credits.


05-06-2007 20:34:10

We can still get more referrals to go onto the site right?? Cause i have someone who wants to do that trade...

Big War Bird

05-06-2007 20:38:51

I don't know. I too have some signed up to do that site, so I guess we will find out!

Big War Bird

05-06-2007 20:40:52

Update My referral has signed up and is getting credit for his offers but his email is missing?!


05-06-2007 21:17:52

Update my referral says he signed up and has done an offer but I dont see him on my end....who do i contact on this. i again tried to send support ticket but it wont

Big War Bird

05-06-2007 21:23:06

parth82390 is the owner of hotgifts, try him on Instant messaging or pm


06-06-2007 09:02:04

There appears to be an error on the script end. I have emailed the coder, so we should have it fixed soon. In the meantime, you can PM me or catch me on AIM if you are unsure about a certain ref. I can let you know if the ref is green or not.


06-06-2007 09:13:16

good thing this is not only me, I thought it was my computer that was messing that part up.

sandra habina

06-06-2007 22:39:26

All Fixed - thankyou Parth.


07-06-2007 00:14:31

some times.. i cant get Credit with this net work ..
i was try .. with IE but.. it same ...


11-06-2007 05:26:48

I still can't log to gifts, home, media and tech. I've tried with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Are you sure it's working for all of you guys?


11-06-2007 11:26:50

they are all working fine for me