Anti-scammer advice

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04-06-2007 20:32:48

I've been pretty lucky. I've had three reds - one resolved and green again (permanently) and the other two (the same person) refunded me. The second one was davidbell1980. I just noticed today in the scammer forum that davidbell1980 has been banned for going red at the same site that he went red at for me.

I have a post in the scammer forum for him that's a week earlier than the post where he is banned. My advice is Before paying out, take the time to do a forum search for the user name. The most recent traders for davidbell1980 would have seen that he went red for me, and while he refunded me they would know what site he went red at and in their case they could of not paid him instead of trying to get a refund.

It won't help a lot of the time, but if you get in on the tail end of a scammers career then it might save you your money.


04-06-2007 22:53:21

You're right, I actually got PMed by a scammer one day asking for a trade. What I found suspicious was that they hadn't posted at all and newbies DO NOT have a hard time finding trades in the Trading Post. So when I checked out the thread lo and behold, there [u3057b3cba3]was[/u3057b3cba3] a thread on them. So you're right that's some good advice, it's just that sometimes we get desperate for greens and don't bother to check.


05-06-2007 08:58:57

This is another reason why I only pay on approval. 99% o fthe greens I get stay green.

sandra habina

06-06-2007 22:43:50

Good advice Dave. Thankyou