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03-06-2007 21:49:15

where can I post referral links for free diy sites like dealbarbiepays and cashcrate

Is it anywhere on this board that I can post thanks


03-06-2007 21:53:17

In a word no.

On this board you use the trade forum and set up trades there leaving your referral link in the trade module or by private message. Other boards have different rules.


04-06-2007 01:59:18

ok so can you trade site like dealbarbiepays and cashcrate to get referral or is this site just for referral sites like get5friends and desktopcomputers

I mean how will that work with a site like dealbarbiepays if you trading with someone they have a lot of freebies on it or this site you cant do that


04-06-2007 02:07:03

You are allowed to trade freebie sites on here regardless of how big or small they may be, you just aren't allowed to post ref links.