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03-06-2007 18:05:23

How effective is the BBB if a freebie site is screwing you over (dont want to give a name)?


03-06-2007 18:09:50

I suppose it would depend on what proof you have that they are screwing you over, and what exactly they are doing. I thought people had reported Freepay, for example, but that doesn't seem to have done much to resolve the issues users had.


03-06-2007 18:39:46

I've found the BBB not to be very instrumental in getting problems resolved. They mostly just use your comments as part of the status and record of whatever company you are reporting. It'd be worth it to contact them directly though just to see what exactly they can do for you. I'd love to know if they'd really handle a dispute.


03-06-2007 21:29:35

tell us the problem and the site. There have been people here that get it resolved after posting their issues.


03-06-2007 21:54:27

The BBB tries to get a dialog going, but other than the threat of a bad rating or listing the company as uncooperative there is really nothing the BBB can do.