error mssges with offers / that ultimately go thru

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02-06-2007 16:50:56

am I doing something wrong... with several of the offers I complete when I hit submit, I either get an error mssge saying they were unable to process and to call/email.. or nothing happens. assuming it didn't go thru,I would try another.. then anytime between 15 minutes to several hours, I get an email from those offers with my confirmation member numbers.. in the end, I'm using more offers then I need for credit.




02-06-2007 16:52:54

Sometimes it happens. It is an offer page issue ... that's why I recommend that people wait to see if it actually goes through before they do more offers, as it seems that the error doesn't affect the crediting nearly as much as you would think.

Out of curiosity, what offers gave you an error, and what error was it?


02-06-2007 17:09:37

i'm learning.. )

value max from last week gave me "sorry, unable to process your request" in red, above the sign in info (name, CC etc)

today, Privacy Matters, At Home Rewards, Today's Escape, and Passort to Fun all gave me the same error mssge as Value Max, only to eventually go thru, after I completed other offers.. I finally smarted up and waited to see if Today's Escape and Passport went thru before doing others..


02-06-2007 18:05:22

Oh - I absolutely HATE that - I have been hit with charges from trial offers that I thought never went through !! Then I found out that they give you an error message and say it isn't completed, but they keep trying until the charge goes through to your credit card. Then you're signed up and don't even know it! And a lot of ones like that never credit to the freebie site, so you don't even know anything about it until you get the product in your mailbox !!!! evil


02-06-2007 19:02:31

It happened to me too on those sites. They should really fix it or warn people when they link to the offer.


02-06-2007 19:07:54

Warning Offers with errors might still work out )


02-06-2007 19:53:13

LOL, well, those particular 4 seem to be notorious. I've done dozens of offers and never seen it on any others. Ideally, the webmaster of those sites should get it fixed. I'm not sure who needs to contact them. Just my opinion.


03-06-2007 08:01:38

[quote2be4c40c1f="moviemadnessman"]Warning Offers with errors might still work out )[/quote2be4c40c1f] lol. I think we got it.

sandra habina

07-06-2007 06:04:24

I have noticed this warning message happening more and more lately. I have so many confused traders asking me - what they did wrong. I do wish they could fix the script. Good question, Chris.


07-06-2007 11:44:01

I've had that happen too and my theory was that it was the company (of the offer) NOT a problem with the freebie site...all of those offers listed above are from the same parent company and I think it's just a way to keep people from completing all of those offers on incentive sites...I've found it usually happens when you do those offers on the same day and/or same site...they are attractive offers, but I caution people to spread them out instead of jumping on them right at the start.


07-06-2007 14:29:12

yes i have some site same.offers credit give me. and im not receivied email from offers.i was contact aff or offers company.some time i receivied credit or not receivi


07-06-2007 16:54:22

Has anyone run into this with the Book of the Month Club? After I put in my payment info it loads a blank screen. No clue if it went through or not.


07-06-2007 17:10:54

Hey Guys...I've had the same problem with the same sites. I did, however, wait them out and eventually GREEN'ed.

Anything to confuse people...I guess!

... 8)


07-06-2007 18:14:42

It happened to me a few times too. I contacted the company via their 800 #s to see what the problem was, and sure enough, I had registered. They also sent me my confirmation email and they did eventually credit.

when in doubt, CALL!

sandra habina

11-06-2007 16:20:33



11-06-2007 19:57:34

Yes, to Chris and all, it has happened to me too....being the conscious soul that I am, I made the site revoke the credits, as was afraid of fraud....OMG! Talk about a waist of offers....I might have stayed with a few if it weren't for their ways of doing business. I literally let them know how I felt about their sites standards and that I would not deal with a company that said one thing and did another. Simply not a good business practice.

Please understand that I didn't bit@% the CS Rep out, but did simply let them know that if I could not trust their practices when first trying to join, that I didn't feel I could trust the company to follow through with the proper services for which they advertise.

Margot wink


11-06-2007 21:03:00

It happens a lot with offers that automatically sign you up for secondary offers - like Simply You - it gives the message because you've already signed up for the secondary offer, but eventually it goes through for the primary offer and you do end up getting credit usually.