Deleting Trades

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Penda B.

02-06-2007 10:44:44

How do you delete a trade. If you only edit trade it shows up how often trade has been edited. Do Not want to just edit. Want to Delete and start fresh with new trade? Need step-by-step instructions. Thanks


02-06-2007 11:00:08

In the trade module, change the status of the trade to REQUEST DELETION. This should cause it to disappear.


02-06-2007 13:47:34

Do you mean a trade thread?


02-06-2007 13:50:03

It looks like it, aviendha. So, here you go, Penda
linote You can't delete trades with even 1 post in it.

1. Stop posting in your trade thread for 3 days.
2. Write up a new thread after 3 days have passed.
3. Use new thread for all trade purposes.

Hope that helps )