Trading Post - Bumping Rules.

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02-06-2007 00:02:07

I guess it can't hurt to address this again anyway but could a mod or someone please clarify how often you can Bump your trading thread? I thought I read 48 hours, some say 24 and then I saw another post say 3 days.


02-06-2007 02:31:04

You can start a thread every 3 days and bump your post every 24 hours. Correct me if I'm wrong....


02-06-2007 03:45:11

One thing to add you can only have 1 active trade thread. If you create a new one (after waiting the required 3 days), then let the other one go.


04-06-2007 13:39:53

Is there any difference b/w a trading thread where I am paying for greens and a separate one where I am advertising to work for greens? I wouldn't have the second one very often, just when there's a new site I want to green. Thanks.


04-06-2007 14:01:56

I'd just edit your main post when you want to do a site for somebody else.


04-06-2007 14:10:28

I think the rules pretty clearly state that you can bump every 24 hours, or create a new thread every 3 days. But not both.

You can only maintain one active trading thread, you cannot have separate threads for buying and selling refs. You can either update your thread as your site requirements change, or let the old thread die (after 3 days) and create a new one. Once you do, do not go back and bump the old thread.


04-06-2007 14:43:30

I read the rules, but I just didn't know if there was a difference b/w a trading thread where you were asking FOR green and asking to DO greens. I see the answer is no. There's just a lot to take in here for the newbies, even when you do read everything, you forget where you saw what and it can be confusing. That's why I'm asking first.

BTW, we love unbuntu. Nothing like cruising the internet worry free on Linux. Course I'm not on that machine right now.


04-06-2007 14:44:42

The answer is no. Basically, you can only have 1 active trade thread, no matter the reason. And I must thank Dmorris for stating this outright )


04-06-2007 14:53:55

[quotefd06766714="The Rules"]Do not create a new trading thread more than once per 3 days. Also, do not 'bump' your thread more than once per 24 hours (1 day). When the 3 days are up, you may choose to create a new thread, or bump an existing thread, but you cannot do both. [/quotefd06766714]

Here is the rule, if anyone is wondering..


04-06-2007 19:32:30

BTW, I came across this again the the newbie rules and this is why I posted in the first place. I knew I wasn't crazy...


DONíT spam users with PMís about trading unless they show some prior interest in trading.
DONíT expect users to green instantaneously, even if they do an offer marked as instant.
DONíT ask users to submit support tickets about non-credit issues, until they have waited the desired time as specified by the site they sign up for (freepay sites = 15 days).
DONíT expect users to do another offer for you unless they have waited the specified amount of time to ask for manual credit.
DONíT judge another user solely on their Karma. Although it can be a good indication of the way a user is regarded on the forums, usually it has no bearing on trading. Itís the TR that counts.
DONíT ask user/account-specific questions to sites representatives. Open a support ticket on the site in question for that.
DONíT post in someone elseís trading thread telling others that you can do the same site for less, etc. Itís called thread-jacking and will result in a temp-ban.
DONíT make useless posts in other peoples threads, especially trading threads.
DONíT flame or you will be banned.
DONíT make a scammer thread about someone unless you have exhausted every possible means of communication between you and the other member, have waited the required amount of time to get credit or for the other member to get credit, have contacted a Mod and STILL have not received a response from the other member and/or a green or paypal, depending on the details of your trade.
DONíT create a thread or BUMP an existing thread in the trading post, more than once every 5 days. This will result in a temp-ban.[/b46ab18a6a8][u46ab18a6a8][/u46ab18a6a8]

The rule in bold is the one that confused me. Thanks.


04-06-2007 19:36:33

That rule is still in there, but it has been overridden by the one that Collidge quoted.