requesting trade credit but did not pay yet

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01-06-2007 22:17:15

I was a referral for someone and the offer was to pay on green. I did the referral right away, the offer was credited and I let the person know that I had the deal with that my part was done. This person did not communicate with me or respond to my communications throughout the referral but has now asked to have a trade credited but has not paid me. I have sent him a pm and have asked to be paid--but what else can I do at this time? The more experienced traders ask that us newbies communicate better but what about the experienced traders communicating with us. Hard to know who to trust. His record looked good but he has not been a good partner.
The other traders have been great. What to do, What to do.....


01-06-2007 22:26:09

Please PM a mod, as they can help you with this matter more.

But I will assure you, most traders are helpful and will stay in contact with you. Hopefully you will get this fixed )


02-06-2007 02:34:17

How long ago did you PM him? Some people don't check their messages very often. Like moviemadnessman said, a mod can help.


02-06-2007 08:54:07

Hi there,

I believe they are on target....first, DON'T do a tr request till you get paid, and do try to get a mod to look into it for you. Check your outbox to see if your pm's have been opened, and also look at his profile....if it is not hidden, you will see the last time he was on. There may be other issues to consider, such as illness, on vacation, etc... A mod will def be able to help.

Margot wink


02-06-2007 11:47:29

In Trade Module under [uf69f83baa7][bf69f83baa7]Receiver Status[/bf69f83baa7][/uf69f83baa7], which is you in this case, once you got green you click [uf69f83baa7]Gone Green[/uf69f83baa7], and pm him about it if you want to, and wait for trader to pay and he will click either[uf69f83baa7] Paypal sent[/uf69f83baa7], or instead will directly click [uf69f83baa7]Request TR[/uf69f83baa7].

Once you [uf69f83baa7]confirm[/uf69f83baa7] you have your Paypal payment you will normally see Trader clicked [uf69f83baa7]Request TR[/uf69f83baa7] and if he didn't then you do click [uf69f83baa7]Request TR[/uf69f83baa7] and wait couple of days & check your message is not still in out box.

If this steps not taking place then you would want to contact a Mod, etc., as indicated already in thread.

This is the link for the [uf69f83baa7]Trade Module Tutorial[/uf69f83baa7] if you want to read it