paypal sight down??

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01-06-2007 10:56:33

Hi...seems i cant log into paypal. Can anyone else?? or again am i only the lucky one? I keep getting this

We are unable to complete your request at this time. Please click Retry or try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Message 3004

Easy Bling

01-06-2007 11:03:20

I can't login either

At first I thought my account go hacked, but nope, phew. Guess the site is just down, which should never happen when you're in the money business.


01-06-2007 11:04:53

Good! Well bad but good that im not the only one...hehe. Niceee business they got going. I need to pay people darnit!! I can feel them breathing down my neck... shock


01-06-2007 11:09:45

[quote817b396468="Jenne1975"]Niceee business they got going. [/quote817b396468]

Heaven forbid they have downtime.. I'm sure it will be up again shortly


01-06-2007 11:14:30

[quoteb1153248e4="CollidgeGraduit"][quoteb1153248e4="Jenne1975"]Niceee business they got going. [/quoteb1153248e4]

Heaven forbid they have downtime.. I'm sure it will be up again shortly[/quoteb1153248e4]
wow ok geesh (i love the full moon time of month)

Easy Bling

01-06-2007 11:19:23

Slightly off-topic (WAY off-topic) I like your trade format Jenne, I tried being organized with my thread, but yours is way better!


01-06-2007 11:21:10

Yeah. I was way bored.....hehe. I usually up all night. So thought Id make it pretty.


01-06-2007 11:30:07

I just logged in and it worked.... But it was through ebay, don't know if that makes a difference.


01-06-2007 11:57:45

Sweet! Yeah didnt work...but i will try it through ebay.


01-06-2007 12:06:11

I just logged in and it worked fine, not through ebay, but just by goin to Hope it works for you soon!


01-06-2007 12:20:40

Ok, so its not only me. However, I was really afraid I was hacked, because i tried logging in and i kept getting "incorrect password". I just had to end up changing the password (took me forever), and breathed a sigh of relief when i saw nothing had been stolen. What the hell?


01-06-2007 12:20:58

Yeah but can you send money?? I logged in through ebay, tried to send money, then got same message.

Easy Bling

01-06-2007 12:49:26

I'm in, through It's back up finally!


01-06-2007 13:13:52

Yea...i will check it! I have to send money to my wonderfull traders!! hehe


01-06-2007 13:14:29

Anyone know what their error 3004 is?


01-06-2007 13:15:38

I think it is a time-out error.


01-06-2007 13:19:57

I just tried and I still cannot get in.


01-06-2007 13:21:51

Try clearing your cache, then trying again.


01-06-2007 13:30:27

Closed browser, reopened, cleared cache, still getting the 3004 error.


01-06-2007 13:39:31

Finally got in! Thanks for the help!


01-06-2007 13:41:35

Yea! Im in and everyone should be paid. Well everyone as in the people I owed money too for going green. D


01-06-2007 15:04:07

Back up for me too.


01-06-2007 16:06:40

i been on paypal everyday so far... no problems here


01-06-2007 18:28:10

Hi all,

Just like we experience down times/glitch errors and such here and on the sites we have, PayPal was doing some updates to their site, and I also couldn't get on but it is all clear now.

Margot wink


01-06-2007 23:36:24

FYI - when I logged in last time (late Thursday night) it said they were going to be doing maintenance for 2 hours and Paypal would be unavailable at that time. Maybe this is when you were trying to login???