HELP Peoplepc problems

Live forum:

01-06-2007 06:07:48

As one of my offers I downloaded and installed Peoplepc to try to see if it was better then my local isp (which is crappy) I can't get on to the forums using it. When I try using peoplepc I get the headers at the top of the page but then it just has a critical information box that says (wood is an asshole) exact words. I can't log in, go to trades, or check pms, it just keeps coming back the same. If I connect under my old isp everything works fine, but if I could get my peoplepc to work I was going to have old isp disconnected.

Anyone have any ideas ?



01-06-2007 06:40:17

gehehe, wood is an asshole.

You didn't do anything wrong. It's blocking your ip.