someone asking for more info than i think is needed....

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31-05-2007 21:08:41

someone i traded with says that paypal.wish4free has put me on hold because my ip address traces to ATL, GA. but i live in tennessee. now the person i traded with says that the webmaster of that site is his friend and they need a copy of my drivers license. does anyone know if this request is legit?


31-05-2007 21:12:25

Who were you trading with? You should only send the ID to the contact info listed on the Wish4free site (or to gmario or patrick_7412, as they are the site people). I'd recommend talking to them yourself to find out more, though, before you send the ID.


31-05-2007 21:23:16



01-06-2007 05:39:27

It's not uncommon at all for sites to request a photo ID to verify identity, especially when there is cause for suspicion. But I see no real justification for supplying ID to traders.

As far as the IP address question, it's also not uncommon for large ISP's (like yours, which I assume is BellSouth from your IP here) to issue IP addresses registered from far away. IP geolocation isn't the same thing as a GPS fix. While generally IP geolocations are fairly close (within the state and often within the county at least), about the only thing guaranteed from IP geolocation is that the country will be correctly identified. However it's still a good piece of information to use along with other information to red-flag potential shenanigans.