How to check people out?????

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31-05-2007 15:07:47

I am curious about this... ?

I was sent a pm regarding a trade. "X" already greened on a site that he did for trade with "Z". "Z" was banned before completing the trade for "X".

"X" informed me he had contacted the site owner, and was told he could transfer the green to whomever completed the site that "X" needed done.

Is that possible?? "X" just joined today, has no posts, and didn't post in my trade thread.

I'm NOT doing the trade...just curious how to check people out more than their profile.

Thanks for any help available!

Sheila D


31-05-2007 15:10:49

I would say that's something they would need to check with a mod. Plus, maybe they just joined here, but they were trading elsewhere?

Seek a mod. That's the best option.


31-05-2007 17:07:36

You might also try leaving a support request at the site. Most sites will not allow this, but there are some exceptions.


31-05-2007 17:33:21

Thank you for your responses. D

I did pm a mod and they are dealing with it now.


01-06-2007 23:59:13

I got the same offer yesterday and turned it down as well. I figure if it sounds questionable, it probably is.