running out of product offers, now what?

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30-05-2007 15:41:32

I am starting to run into the problem of "well, I've completed blockbuster, zoeta, bidz. ebay, google...I'm running out of offers on this site that I haven't already done on other sites!"
How do you get around that? Seems the sites all have pretty much the same company offers they are using....and I don't want to duplicate offers, like ebay on 2 different sites--how do you keep going, without running out of the same old offers the sites have?


30-05-2007 16:05:16

One of the first things you should have done is browse through the Help section, which answers 99% of the questions people have asked (which most have been asked an inconceivable amount of times). If you did that, you may have noticed NUMEROUS posts about this exact thing. Many people think you start to run out of offers, but with over 500 of them out there, it really is difficult to do, for a while anyways.

Anyways, to answer your question..if you feel you really have run out of offers, I suggest starting to pay for referrals, as opposed to getting paid for being the referral..

Hope this helps.


30-05-2007 16:05:39

The best thing to do now is turn around and start getting referrals for the sites you have greened on. Since you already have the credit on these sites, you'll just need the appropriate number of referrals for the prize you have picked.

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Big War Bird

30-05-2007 16:54:48

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